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The most powerful ally of a Human Being – the Crystal Nature

            The power of crystals is being used all the time and we are not even aware of the fact that we are actually made of crystals! If we remember to embrace mindful awareness during everyday contact with crystals and even more importantly – a joyful heart, life becomes not only more interesting and healthy but crowned with higher meaning, depth and sense of God’s Guidance.

            To begin with, where are crystals found? Everywhere the Nature and Elements of the Earth exist. The Earth crust is in 80 % made of pure quartz – a silicon dioxide. Most minerals which we admire contain silicon dioxide additives. The crystal constitutes a communication tissue of the entire Earth and informs other substances IN WHAT FORM and HOW they should exist. It is a genetic memory of the Earth and a Human being.

Every living tissue, apart from minerals, is of crystal structure made of water crystals, and water is the living and sensing substance. The cell of a living creature in 70-90 percent consists of water and additives which shape its matter and create a series of liquid and solid crystals arranged in certain sequences. The scientists believe that protein, cholesterol, cell tissue – the Internet of human body, DNA – our code, memory and RNA – innermost place of our soul…! All these display intricate crystal structure of harmonious arrangement. Human body is highly sensitive, delicate and feeling structure created to live in harmony and limitless abundance. It has a power to live tens and hundreds of years! And it has a power to create other beings and the matter around! When the body is in harmony, it works perfectly and does not perish or get ill.

And how do we use our crystals? Do we keep our cells in harmony and joy of being? What do our thoughts, words or actions bring about? Do we embrace the well-being or do we let anxiety, fears or hopelessness get inside? All that we send out is being encoded in our structure and affects the matter of our body or life…Do we consent to weakness and submission instead of benefiting from our limitless power and freedom?

How to regain knowledge and discover our primordial natural vitality, courageous heart and amazing power of controlling the matter – simply harmony? The most apparent answer lies in the fact that we need to regain harmony of sacred geometry in our body cells. How to make it? Preferably by re-gathering knowledge from the crystals of Nature! Nature is incessantly radiating this knowledge through by pulsating information of harmony. What we need to do is to believe that being powerful, healthy and free is our natural state and just let this vibration get inside of us – to our cells with full power and joy!

How to use Crystals to regain harmony? We can use all crystals which Nature endowed us with. Look into child’s eyes or our beloved one, enjoy observing cat’s peaceful contentment, feel the power of a giant oak, beauty of the flowers or the wild river flow, enjoy beloved dog wagging its tail. All Creatures are in the incessant crystal vibration – a giver of harmony which show our cells how to EXIST and LIVE happily.

Let’s take a look on a bird or a cat! Does it worry about anything? Does it think of what to eat or if the war will break out the next day? First of all, we owe being happy to ourselves! Being happy means being relaxed as much as possible and feeling the innermost joy of life. The state of WELL-BEING is NATURAL for humans! It is HARMONY and State of Creation. If we are in a different state, then by disturbing the flow of life energy we hurt ourselves most, we disrupt our health and abundance and that is how the crystal structure and harmony of the tissues disappear…

Crystal in form of silicon dioxide (SiO2) makes the easiest and most clear harmonizing substance for us. This is simply a crystal – harmonising substance. It has various colors, often transparent clear hexagonal columns with a top. From thousands of years, the most illuminated minds have been inspired by crystal with its harmonious structure, purity and clarity. Our entire civilization including electronics, information technology systems, computers, high-tech medical devices, astronomy, optical equipment or time meters are based on crystal structure. Even the most awaited hi-tech processor will have a crystal structure but… with some organic substance added. These things are hidden from us behind machine housing but seem quite apparent for every technician.

The crystals are widely known for their healing properties. The crystals can heal our body and enhance the energy of rooms or areas. That is why crystals are commonly used by holistic doctors or other therapists in their practice. The crystal is used as „re-radiator”; with a power to change the vibrations to a crystally arranged wave, perfectly divine in its sacred structure. Such divine emanation transfixes our fields and bodies alike. It is up to us to allow this sacred harmony to let inside our bodies or not! Having a crystal is not enough! We need to clearly decide and with good intention for ourselves make our crystals trigger the process of organizing and transformation! So, looking at the crystal we begin to feel and become like its energy and beauty– we become harmonious: calm and clear-minded – as we express our believes and needs clearly, tough – as we stick to our views and establish our intransgressible limits, sensitive because crystal is fragile – as we take care of ourselves, we openly show our external and internal beauty and radiate it.

Space displays a whole gamut of energies and we expose ourselves to absorb them for our harmony and health. Absorption of life energies requires specific conditions. Civilized people should bring such conditions back! First of all our body and mind should be relaxed! The more relaxed our body is and the more smile appears on or face – the more intense vibrations are being absorbed and crystals get smoothly arranged into divine patterns! The food gets digested better, breathing is deeper and people begin to act on common ground. This is what we call a state of harmony which we can learn from crystals – the well being – a pure gift of Nature, gift of God the Creator and our reflection as a Perfect crystal being.

 We know the stories when in old days the fishermen went fishing. They sailed off and while getting engaged in joyful conversations and admiring nature’s beauty, in a spark of a moment they received the sign where they should fish. This was where they gathered as much as was required to sustain their family. Never more that was absolutely required and the idea to make stocks never crossed their minds! In a certain flash of the moment required amount of food came right to their hands. They did not worry about what the next day would bring. Fear did not cross their minds and fear is unfortunately a thought creating the matter. It was life of harmony and well-being. How far are we from this state now? How much is required to come back to internal well-being, which has a power to create external well-being? :) What we need to do is to arrange our cells and energies as crystal structure, make crystal systems for our body, emotions and spirit. Our crystals are crying for being arranged! We can make it by crystals or minerals of the arranged structure – which we can keep by ourselves, look at them with admiration and as they remind us of our sacred vibration – they constantly emanate it.

Crystals are not only transparent stones of perfect purity but they display amazing colors; brown and red for carnelian, gold for tiger eye, blue for chalcedony, green for aventurine, dark green for heliotrope or for agates stranded with crystal veins – this world holds something amazing for everyone. Enchantment and admiration are the states which will bring more harmony to us. We feel as if we saw a beloved one – we take a deep breath, open up our breast and shine the inner light through, feed ourselves with air and feel love for everything and everybody around! This is the state of well-being; it is when we take enormous harmonious energy from the outside and send it back to the world – a true perpetuum mobile! That is a Divine Being – a human being – the most powerful spiritual energy creature on the Earth.
Absolute Harmony – The Crystal Human Being.

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