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Crystal awakening in physical and energy structure of human being.


Everything is encoded in our crystal cells.


Crystals are commonly recognized as solids that form by colorful, tough or fragile minerals arranged in an orderly repeating internal pattern. They are used in many aspects of our life. We use them for special purposes to heal and cleanse our body, to deepen dream phases, to meditate and relax, to energize or neutralize water and environment. Natural crystals with their spectacular colors reveal a truly transcendent experience and create beautiful harmonic vibrations around us. They are our friends that can help us live and are the ones we often turn to for guidance, comfort and support. Since ancient times crystals have been recognized for their healing properties and widely used by tribes, Shamans and doctors all over the world. Crystal substances are found in entire technology – ranging from electronics, digital technologies, optics as silica chips in memory blocks, semi conductors – to lab material. The world is racing now to use liquid crystal in the latest types of applications. We use them regularly in a variety of every day devices like mobile phones, computers, watches, cameras, in medical equipment as well as ‘intelligent’ structures combining different aspects of life including military and space industry. A number of geniuses like Leonardo, Einstein or Tesla studied qualities of crystals and used them in their discoveries.

It is a world of technology experienced physically, by real interaction or by information. Crystals can be found anywhere in the world. Silica, for example, conducts and stores information. Earth interior and crust as well as plant and animal tissues are made of liquid crystals containing a massive amount of free silica. And what is hidden inside of human body? Almost the same. Most of human body structures are made up of crystals and considering scientifically proved tissues we can also name protein, DNA, cholesterol or tissue membrane in cells which stores, lets different substances pass, and transmits signals to other body cells, systems and brain – just like technology crystals send signals to the memory on the disc. We should say that human body functions as a system of natural crystal carriers controlling communication between body signals and main centre in our brain.

Can we draw a parallel between crystals ‘unknowingly’ used in science and human body?! Can external world reflect the internal world to such extent?! Does the golden rule hold in this case too that inside reflects outside? Does it all begin in our sacred inside whose full potential is beyond imagination? We often recall or read messages of Higher Civilizations like Atlantis and its perfect solutions how to fully unleash human potential, use crystals for object or energy empowerment which greatly benefited generations of those times. We recall their powers which have been pursued by every spiritually developed human being. We would like to believe that with the production of technologies and devices based on crystals we will bring back the Golden Age. We believe that crystal powers will contribute to living several thousands of years in perfect health, to integration of our body structures, travel in time and space by star gates, telepathy or object materialization, application of intelligent machines with amazing drives, growing crystal plants or securing massive areas with crystal domes. It was long time ago but now it is time to bring it back here again as it has been empirically proved that there are memory and energy channels able to reinstate those phenomena. There are numerous discoveries reopening this way now again, though it is not available to everybody…

Is this the highest level of life available to us? Why do we always need to improve something, integrate, energize or secure from the outside? We are certainly used to it and we are constantly striving for luxury but is this the step in the right direction to attain perfection and our highest goals? And is it possible for human body to work well without any external influence and become a natural perpetuum mobile? Against our logical reasoning, external world shows many examples free of external energy supply; we can meet people who do not need to eat but to us they seem so unnatural, unfit to live on Earth, even though they are healthier, more vital and sense more profound connection with other human beings, with Earth, its elements or Cosmic energy!

Or is it the other way round? Thousand years of long held assumption of being controlled by some external forces made us believe that it is our natural state… We hold on to this pattern of survival so desperately, for we do not know or remember any other way of life on Earth, where is no fight, suffering or depending on external resources.  We just improve them from time to time and regard as a wonderful point of civilization development and highest peak of technology… Even the Atlantis with its wonderful inhabitants was powered by external sources… and we think we will catch up on them… But was this primary level the highest stage of human body development with all its energy structures?  There might be some secret spheres of human body still unknown to us as otherwise we would outstrip ‘gods’ ruling on Earth energetically…

Nikola Tesla once wrote: ‘Crystals prove that there are basic rules of existence and if we do not understand crystals, consequently we will not be able to understand life’.

For what reason do we already have inborn crystal structure and yet need to undergo cell transformation from carbon to silica highly arranged in crystal-like structure? Is this a step ahead in human development to the stage of light or diamond body, mentioned along with energy of Masters like Jesus? Or can this pattern of Master be considered as the most elevated and highest form of human body and energy present on Earth?

In what circumstances that perfect integrated body transformed into randomly structured carbon?  Carbon which ages and gets ill? Diamond has crystal form of carbon and when burned it turns into carbon. In what process the primordial diamond human body with all its amazing powers burned into its present form – is it attributable to fears, ego or control of mind over heart?

It all starts in childhood… Children are not allowed to see aura, a natural crystal field, to contact spirits, to communicate with imaginary companions or with the dead, to transport souls, share anything with others – as all this can put them in danger… We do not ask ourselves why and again, surely… children cannot outsmart adults… At school children cannot express themselves freely and we seem to forget is the fact that creation and extra sensual perception of the world is naturally acquired in active participation, therefore children should enjoy unrestricted level of activity! The forces of nature are constantly changing. Is the return to crystal or diamond body connected with heart opening process? Or with turning carbon compounds back into arranged crystal systems? Can we confront it by existence, reasoning, feeling and acting through our heart as it was in case of Jesus or Buddha? With the courage to love ourselves and the world around!? Previously presented examples show amazing potential of our mind but have you noticed that your heart still has not been moved with joy? Is it possible that biotechnology is merely a side effect of highly developed, opened up and caring heart? They are not so important in love. They just exist.

What makes our heart open up and our body turn into a form of a diamond? Observations show that what makes us happy, without any impact of external substances, is a more conscious contact with the Heart – the most important part in human body. Courageous heart is able to love, care and instructs us to access life with greater mindfulness. We have been given enormous guidance on how to be able to love unconditionally. Earth and Nature constantly send us signals of perfectly arranged crystal space of heart, it is a pattern and a reflection.

Let Nature in all its aspects and elements feed our senses. By fire – in burning flame, by water – in streams, lakes or falls, by air – in a fresh gust of mountains, forest or sea breeze, by earth – in gemstones and crystals, in trees, in soil nourishing the plants,  by ether – in energy and sounds of Cosmos – a nurturing emanation of love. Each Nature element – arranged in its primordial form reminds our body of primary codes of crystal and energy matrices, constantly increases our vitality and vibrations to a reaching a realization of the blissful state of tranquility. What we need to do is simply to remain in this state and engage our heart with each moment of life in a mindful immersion.


It is a courageous step forward, devoid of ‘civilization wealth’ and not based on logical or ‘safe’ fear assumptions of contemporary life.

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