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Atoms of quartz can have regular, triangular, geometric crystal structure. They have   natural properties of taking, storing and sending information around or to a specific place that is why quartz was initially used in medical technologies, electronics, computer systems, optics, in ultrasounds or specific frequency of radio waves. Quartz properties are constantly being studied, its powers are being gradually developed and applied in the latest discoveries of our contemporary civilization.

Quartz structures also have qualities of energy resonator, where prime or secondary encoded information is sent by molecules from a specific point in structure and relayed outside with enormous power just like one wave on the subsequent ones. Theoretically each molecule bears the same information code but emanation of this code is enhanced by every other until the end of structure with enormous power as if constantly stimulated by internal essence of its own emanation. This way, a small piece of programmed or energetically stimulated quartz of approximately one centimeter, is sensed and received as energy carrier on approximately 20 km radius. Increasing the size of crystal by adding every other subsequent centimeter increases this range in geometrical sequence and greater depending on quality of crystal, energy level and number of minor additives. Shape and construction history also influences the most appropriate type of energy work.

Quartz have properties of emanating yellow light when rubbed or stimulated and when  hit above 200 C degrees light turns blue, a phenomenon known as thermoluminescence. They also have piezoelectric qualities as electric powering when pressed. There is more information available here on usage of crystals to powerplants and powers as well as controlling structures, not mentioning the impact on structures of Earth inhabitants – in ancient civilizations.

Because of various additives found in crystals which can be particularly seen in color they have a wide spectrum of impact or a wide spectrum of information carrier in specific levels of vibrations. The most universal band belongs to mountain crystals having transparent or milky color they and they also have the widest applications.

Specific bands belong to pink, smoky quartz, blue, green, citrines, amethysts and black – morione, aventurine, all types of chalcedony and mountain crystals with minor additives.

Application of crystals in matter structures of Earth and people – selected examples. Recreation of natural crystal net is possible by placing a „new” crystal in Earth structure with encoded information on connecting various places together and reciprocal increase of points in the whole net.

Increasing so called Power Places specified in messages or yet sensed like nature areas, buildings, whole cities, mountains, trees, shrubs, stones and their circles ancient sacred places related to nature. Extremely strong inclination of crystals and crystal skulls to search people – „Guides”, through which Earth needs can be manifested and lead their „soul mates” to healing at the level of increasing heart chakra emanation.

Building up passes, kind of crystal mental portals to flow soul energy from our world (death of body) to crystal space of Light Cities as mediator in melting with our Light Higher Self or structure which will be accessible for soul guides.

Operation by transforming our physical structure and DNA, transforming reasoning without any indirect system imperatives of the world, in which our mind exists and is immersed – not appreciated because of lacking information, the role of crystals as separated from collective thinking, cleansing and creating new spaces from heart level.

Creating Emerald Net– energy superstructures of natural world of plants on Earth and joining together green areas artificially separated by civilization J

Individually selected Crystal for a given person or choosing     RIGHT person – is able to store information with specifically encoded „program” or „energy code” which invites a special Being to our life and connects us with its vibrations. From this moment we feel its presence in our life and soul – a kind of Crystal Friend…



Process during which crystals are acquired as commodity along with storage and transport makes essence of their prime information and energy qualities including the most important one, opening up heart chakra, partly or completely ‘closed’. Sometimes there are energetically dead pieces which then require initial renovation and more conscious contact with a Being „living” inside an essence of crystal spiritual message.

In some cases traditional and integrated operations like  putting under water, bathing in salt water, placing in salt, in sunshine, sounds of Tibetan bowls, mantras, chanting, music, contact with other active crystals, meditations, incensing with herbs or fire rituals.

For more sophisticated practice please see the example below.

We can take part in workshop on this subject, especially people uncertain of their abilities or wishing to confront different approaches :)

Creating intentions with Crystal Beings.

Every Crystal has its own Being we communicate with it mentally at heart level which emanates pure love and acceptance…

1. Meditation of five elements

We can support the process of recollecting crystal prime energy, usually abused by power or others, by reconnecting it with all elements like fire, water, air, earth and ether – the most powerful and vivid image which comes to mind.

We put crystal on earth matter, a part of lava, basalt, granite on a bare soil and visualize its contact with Earth or Its crystal interior with its rhythmic, pulsation where it will receive its primordial vibration. We put crystal in fire, immerse in lava, in living flame, where it will purify to its prime vibration. There comes a great wave with amazing speed and immerses the crystal in itself, takes it in to water swirls absorbing all useless parts, we can put it under the waterfall too.

We complete the ceremony by adding a swirling tornado and extreme emanations of frozen or hot air. The final step is ejecting the crystal into space Galactic where it meets ether sound in form of Tibetan bowls, gongs or chanting a purifying mantra for example 9 times or even more…

Now the crystal Being is prepared to restore its prime emanation and starts breathing with Ancient Wisdom


2. Connecting the crystal with Earth Crystal Net

When we touch our personal crystal or previously awaken one we also send a direct signal to all vibrating crystal masses on Earth – in net space and Its inside and can imagine all parts of crystals reconnecting… with subtle golden threads or pulsating signals…

It is an immediate signal so it takes only to touch and get an insight into clear mind for one moment, for one breath :)

In this moment it is important to establish a personal contact between our heart and crystal heart by shared breathing, by delicate blowing and absorption of mutual vibrations. This process lasts as long as we want or until we are sure that our Friend has decided to contact us :)

Now crystal is ready :) ready for anything :)

3. Putting in a special intention and how to support Crystal Being – in case it is designed for special purpose

Depending on type of intention we can ask Master who comes to our mind or accept everything which appears during the initiation process, take a picture of Master or a figure and place near our Crystal. Observe what comes up, remain fully concentrated  in pure mind as any kind of energy form can appear, a vision of space, a shape of this energy, a sense of other Beings or just a feeling of energy flowing through the body, shivering, cold or warm waves or any other body sensations. Whatever comes up we should accept it as the most beneficial for the given moment and we remain in this process until it naturally fades – normally a several minutes but in special programs, for example in power sites or for energizing a particular space, the flow of important information can take up to several months, obviously we do not attend the process if it is longer:) It will end

Naturally encompassing full range of changes…


4. Expressing gratitude to Guardians of the process, to Crystals and ourselves:) filling it with Enlightenment

We visualize Enlightened Being like Jesus, Buddha, Mary, Kuan Yin or the Master we need or we invoke, a light of Awareness or some kind of important symbol (if we mean cross then the best symbol of enlightenment would be Celtic cross – a prime version with a wheel)

We invite highest vibrations of Love to Crystal letting only similar or higher vibrations in, together with all good vibrations and intentions of people we meet…

When energizing and putting intentions to Crystal is finished then it has been done far better than we had expected as number of Beings of limitless powers work through us at many levels and all is done by them in accordance with our Soul and as previously agreed, but  still our mind has a right to doubt:) Because it is constructed this way, we let it go and say thank you :) patiently like a mother who helps her child up or just observes its fall, it is a natural way of learning for a child, just like thinking or imagining for brain…

Why such great interest in crystals, why do they appear in more and more forms on Earth, why do people buy them, bring from distant places, inquire about their properties, use them for healing, place them around at home and work?

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